Simple & Cheap Ways to Check Sperm Count


Having a low sperm count creates an obstacle for men who wish to reproduce. Male infertility due to low sperm count can be treated once it is properly tested and detected. A sperm count check may be in order if you have been trying to impregnate your partner for longer than a calendar year without avail. The services of doctors and specialists in fertility clinics can be expensive. Fortunately, there are simple and cheap ways to check sperm count.

Home Male Fertility Tests

  • Your doctor may suggest a home fertility test at the beginning stages of your fertility assessment. This is a cost-efficient alternative to more elaborate and expensive procedures that provide more specified information regarding your sperm count. You may purchase home male fertility tests such as Pre-Conceive Plus or BabyStart at a local drug store.

    Using male home fertility tests is relatively simple. These tests involve mixing a semen sample with a colored solution in a test tube. The solution's color will change when you add the semen sample. The home fertility test will come with a color code legend, with each color indicating a particular sperm count range. The test should also come with a second set of tubes and solution for a re-test after several days. This additional test is to confirm the results of the original.

    This kind of test is designed to give you a general idea of your sperm count range. Your doctor may refer you to a reproductive health or fertility specialist if the results show your sperm count to be lower than desired.

Free and Low-Cost Reproductive Health Centers

  • You may also visit a local free or low-cost reproductive health services center for a consultation and fertility test. While such places may be more reputable for women's services, they are an oft-overlooked destination for men with comparable health concerns. Contact your nearest or most trusted low-cost reproductive health center, or free clinic, to start your fertility treatment process. The clinic will perform a simple and cheap sperm count if it provides male fertility services.

    Facilities such as Planned Parenthood will also provide these services to men concerned about potentially having low sperm counts. Visiting trusted facilities like these are a cost-efficient alternative to beginning your reproductive health assessment at an expensive private fertility doctor or specialist. You may also find other helpful reproductive health information and resources.


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