Ideas for Horse Costumes


Horse costumes are more popular than non-horse people might think. Many horse associations and barns have horse costume contests, especially around Halloween and other holidays. Horse costumes have been used in different forms for many years. Kings and royalty have used costumes to decorate their horses, knights dressed their horses in armor for protection, Native Americans painted their horses for rituals and others have dressed their horses in elaborate costumes to show importance. Today, costumes are generally for fun, but some associations have shows and classes requiring proper dress and costumes for both horse and rider.

Horse Costumes and Safety

  • Horse costumes can be as simple as using paint, glitter and stencils all over your horse. Temporary hair color is often used on a horse's mane, tails and legs to change their color. Some costumes may be large and elaborate, requiring large parts, flapping pieces or even noise that can scare your horse. Make sure your horse can wear the costume and remain calm, even when the wind blows parts around. After choosing a horse costume, put it on your horse the same way you will during the show or contest. Ride him and lead him around while wearing it so he can get used to the feel of it. If he is scared of it and panics, do not try to put it on him at the show. Some horses just don't like things like that.

Horse and Rider Costumes

  • Horse and rider costumes are the most popular type of horse costume. Choose a costume that includes you and your horse. Horse and rider pairs like Gumby and Pokey, Rainbow Brite and Starlight, Lone Ranger and Silver, Tonto and Scout and Zorro and Tornado are always popular. Costumes that are easy to recognize are a cowboy, Indian, knight and rodeo queen on their horses.

    More original ideas include you and your horse, but aren't necessarily always found on a horse. Dress your horse as a carousel and you as the rider or dress your horse as a vehicle and you as the driver, or like a police car, fire truck, taxi, and so on. You can make your horse into a unicorn and be a prince, princess or fairy. Your horse can be a dragon and you a witch.

    Television and movie pairs are also good horse costume ideas for you and your horse: Batman and Robin, Superman and Lois Lane, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Scooby Doo and Shaggy, and so on.

Horse Costume Without a Rider

  • Horse costumes without a rider can be a little fancier since you have can have more control on the ground. If you are leading your horse while he is wearing the costume, you can make the costume much more elaborate. If you want your horse to be a unicorn, you can add wings and he can become Pegasus or a medieval horse can become a fully armored dragon horse. A horse without a rider can be made into anything; just use your imagination. Look around at human costumes and give it a horsey twist. Make your mare become Goldilocks, Cinderella, Snow White or other fairy tale character. Male horses can become a cowboy, a Ghostbuster or the Big Bad Wolf. You can also go the traditional Halloween route and turn your horse into a ghost, vampire or pumpkin.

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