The Basics of Business


Creating a successful business that will grow and thrive through its many industry fluctuations is an effort that requires exceptional planning, analysis, and continuous decisions and maintenance. The success is dependent on your understanding of the industry, your product or service and, most importantly, the business itself. There are several business basics that require your attention if you plan on establishing that successful business venture.

Business Plan and Structure

Business planning is the most important aspect of a successful business. When planning for your business, take into account every aspect of the business. Developing a business plan is the most productive way to complete this process. When planning your business, you will first need to decide on your business' structure. Are you going into the business by yourself as a sole proprietor or will you develop a partnership, corporation or limited liability? Will your business be for profit or not for profit? These aspects are extremely important and will help mold your financing concerns, legal documentation and business filing requirements.

Accounting and Legal

As you brainstorm and develop your business, you will need to establish your accounting and legal roles. If you are a smaller business, such as a sole proprietor or partnership, you may consider doing your own accounting and bookkeeping and reserving your legal activities for your own personal lawyer. However, if you are structuring a larger company, hire an accountant or banking professional to sit as your designated company accountant. Do the same for your legal representation. These individuals or firms should hold superior qualifications and show clear experience that they can handle your business needs. This will protect your company from inaccuracies that can result in business downfalls.


Management is also an important part of the business basics. Select individuals who are experienced, qualified professionals who are able to think independently while considering the importance of the business's needs. These team players should lead by example and be able to keep employees motivated and fresh. Keep your management team, and employees, up to date with continued education and product and service reviews. This will ensure that they are prepared to provide your customers and clients with exceptional and informed service and product information.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are the generator of your business. Without the sales of your product or service and the marketing of your business, there would be no customers. While the sales and marketing of your business go hand in hand, they are generally more successful when handled by separate departments. Your marketing should focus on how to generate your customer base. Consider what your customer wants, how you can offer it and what makes your product or service different from the rest. Analyzing your competition is part of this process. Familiarizing yourself with the competition will help you determine how to stand out from the rest.

Customer Service and Retention

Customer service exists in every business that involves a customer or client. How you handle your customers' sales and inquiries will determine if your customer will return and become loyal or stray to the competitor. Serve the customer in a pleasing manner with each interaction and show the customer that you appreciate their business. Develop a process of serving your customer's needs and concerns. Be alert to potential problems and always be willing to assist.

Computers and Technology

Computers and technology are a driving force in today's business. Business technology helps to organize your files, develop your products and service your customers. Your computers should be up to date and free from viruses and spyware. You should protect your client and customer files from corruption and theft and ensure that your security features are in place at all times. As your business grows and the industry evolves, make sure that your technology does the same. Register for routine maintenance, stay scheduled for system updates and replace your systems as necessary.

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