DIY Termite Removal


Termites are insects that live in colonies and are classified under the order of Isoptera. They vary in color from gray to yellow or black with clear to gray wings. Termites generally do not get more than 3/8ths of an inch long. Termites will eat wood, newspapers, books, paper, insulation and even swimming pool liners. Termites can completely damage a home and eventually leave nothing but the shell and the foundation. It is best to leave the treatment and removal of termites to professionals, but there are several do-it-yourself methods that will help rid your home termites


  • Termiticides are usually applied onto the soil and prevent the termites from entering the home. These chemicals are sprayed on all low-lying areas of the home and will kill all termites. They also prevent the insects already in your home from returning to the ground by destroying them before they escape. Termiticides can come be repellent or non-repellent. Premise & Termidor are both termiticides and can be purchased at most home repair warehouses.

Chemical Barrier

  • Chemical barriers are products often used by pest control specialists. These can be purchased for do-it-yourself removal. Masterline Premethrin Plus C is one of the most popular DIY chemical barrier treatments. This can be purchased online at for $120 for 58 gallons. The product is sprayed directly onto the foundation and low-lying areas of the home, especially in crawl spaces, and will kill termites, carpenter ants and other wood-destroying insects.


  • Termite baits combine food with lethal chemicals. These are placed in areas that termites have been sighted or where there may be an occurrence of termites. The termites are drawn to the food; when they eat the food, they take it back to the nests. The entire colony is usually eliminated after a few of the workers carry the food back to eat. Baits are usually cylindrical tubes placed in the ground. Centricon is one brand of termite bait and can be purchased at any home supply store.

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