The Best Flea Treatments

Dog scratching
Dog scratching

Pet owners know about fleas. Most have tried at least one of the treatments available on the market and probably a few home remedy treatments as well. Fleas can cause infestations in the home from a variety of pets, but mostly dogs and cats. Get familiar with the flea treatments available before deciding which one is right for you.

Flea Collar

Protect pets from fleas by using a flea collar. Although the collar is inexpensive and stays on the pet at all times, it is not the most effective flea treatment. Fleas can still bite on the underside of the dog and around the rear, not just on the neck area. The collar releases chemicals that spread into the pet's fur and kills the fleas, but not the eggs left behind.

Topical Flea Control

Control fleas with a topical treatment. The liquid comes in a small plastic vial and is applied to the base of the neck on the pet. There is no need to rub or massage the oil treatment into the pet's skin or fur. Common brands sold by a veterinarian are Advantage and Frontline. Both are effective in controlling not only fleas, but ticks as well. This flea treatment is applied monthly, and depending on the severity of the flea infestation and if applied faithfully each month, can stop most flea infestations. Topical flea treatments do not stop adult fleas from developing larvae.

Oral Flea Control

Get rid of fleas with an oral flea treatment. Program and Sentinel are once-a-month dosages that come in a chewable pill and are available to dogs and cats. This type of treatment is usually sold by a local veterinarian after the pet has been examined. The pill does not kill adult fleas; however, it prevents eggs from hatching. The interruption of the flea cycle is an effective treatment for the animal, home and environment.

Overall Flea Control

Shampoo the pet on a regular basis. It's important to maintain healthy skin. Use a flea shampoo to help kill any adult fleas that are present. Vacuum every day and throw out the bag after each use. Wash pet bedding, blankets and throws in warm soapy water to kill fleas and eggs that may be lurking around. Keeping a clean home and pet, along with the use of an effective flea treatment, is an effective method of becoming flea free.

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