Eye Exercises for Diplopia


Diplopia is a medical given for "double vision". Double vision may occur for a multitude of reasons, but individuals may help strengthen their eyes and improve their vision by performing simple eye exercises on a daily basis. Double vision is caused by weakened or faulty eye muscles. Eye exercises for diplopia should be an individuals first step toward correcting the problem, in conjunction with advice and guidance of an eye doctor (ophthalmologist), as double vision may be caused by other factors that should be examined by a professional.

Alternating Near and Far

Improve and reduce double vision by training the eyes to adequately alternate between focusing on near and far objects. This exercise helps strengthen eye muscles that control focus. If you wear glasses, take them off to perform this exercise. Hold an object such as a pencil or pen about 6 inches in front of the nose. Keep your gaze focused on this object for about 5 seconds. Then look at something approximately 20 feet away, staring at that object for about 5 seconds. Now look back to the object close to your nose. Perform this exercise about 20 times once or twice a day for gradual strengthening and improvement.


Relieve strain on the eyes several times a day by palming. This technique is performed by sitting on a chair, eyes closed, and a palm placed gently over each eye. The palms should be warm - you can rub them together before placing them over your eyes. After several moments, slowly remove the palms from the eyes, keeping the eyes closed. Slowly rotate the head, keeping eyes closed, and loosen muscles in the neck and shoulders. Now, squeeze your eyes tightly together while hunching the shoulders up toward the ears, holding this position for several seconds. Relax and slowly open the eyes. Then, blink repeatedly several times and then focus the eyes on a distant object in the room, looking at it for about 30 seconds. Concentrate and focus. Then, switch your gaze to a closer object, looking at it for about 15 seconds, blinking rapidly if you have to to help maintain focus. Repeat this several times and then once again place the palms over the eyes for a minute or two.

Visual Concentration

To improve visual concentration and help train the eyes to focus on certain objects, lie on your back on the floor or find a comfortable position in a chair. Close the eyes and breathe through the stomach for several minutes to relax. Slowly open the eyes and focus on a particular object in the room. Now, close your eyes and continue to "see" that object in your mind. Your eyes should still be focused on the object, even though the eyelids are closed. This type of exercise helps eyes to relax, and increases mental and visual focus.

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