Fruit & Yogurt Diet


There is no “official” fruit and yogurt diet, but fans can certainly set up a healthy plan that revolves around these two types of food. All you need to do is supplement your fruits and yogurt with healthy choices, exercise and drink lots of water.

Fruit Basics

Most doctors and dietitians would agree that making fruit a staple of your diet is a splendid idea. The best news is there are hundreds of fruits from which to choose, from apples to oranges to grapes to cantaloupe to papaya. Fruit can be sliced, diced, made into liquid form via a juicing machine or eaten as is. The key is to choose fresh fruit, as opposed to frozen or canned; frozen and canned fruits tend to be preserved with sodium and/or sugar.

Cross section of papaya fruit
Cross section of papaya fruit (Image: Sabino Parente/iStock/Getty Images)

Yogurt Basics

Much like fruit, yogurt comes in a variety of flavors and contains essential vitamins and nutrients. That is, of course, provided you are eating the right kind of yogurt. The best yogurt is low in fat (although not entirely devoid of it) and calories (about 110 to 120 per serving). Non-fat yogurt often contains too much artificial sweetener, which can be at least as bad for you as sugar. Always read the label of ingredients before you purchase yogurt.

Bowl of yogurt
Bowl of yogurt (Image: Liv Friis-Larsen/iStock/Getty Images)

Mix & Match

No doubt, fruit and yogurt go very well together. Both are best when served cold and when they're sweet in taste. Combined, they make the perfect breakfast--with a 4-to-6 oz. serving of low-fat yogurt, plus pear or peach slices that provide an early-morning pick-me-up.

Yogurt with slices peaches
Yogurt with slices peaches (Image: HandmadePictures/iStock/Getty Images)

A Simple Plan

Anyone who wishes to make fruit and yogurt the staples of a healthy diet might have the aforementioned low-fat yogurt and piece of fruit for breakfast, followed by another piece of fruit a few hours later as a between-meal snack. Lunch might consist of a salad topped with oranges, cherries and walnuts. A 4 oz. serving of yogurt a little later would likely hold you over until dinner--which could consist of broiled or baked salmon or fish, steamed vegetables and slice of cantaloupe. If you get hungry after dinner, try another piece of fruit.

Salad topped with walnuts
Salad topped with walnuts (Image: studiocascella/iStock/Getty Images)

Diet & Drink

A diet centered around fruit and yogurt is heart healthy, and provided you don’t overindulge, will lead to quick weight loss. Enhance the diet with protein-heavy servings (such as chicken, fish or eggs) at least once a day, and drink a minimum of six 8 oz. glasses of water each day. Shedding pounds will be easier if you incorporate regular exercise of no less than 30 minutes three times each week.

Woman drinking a glass of water
Woman drinking a glass of water (Image: Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images)

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