Remedy for a Dry, Stuffy Nose


Almost everyone experiences a dry, stuffy nose. A stuffy nose can be caused by a cold, the flu, allergies or even from being in a dry atmosphere. There are many remedies that you can try to help alleviate the symptoms of a dry and stuffy nose.

Saline Drops

Saline drops are a remedy for a stuffy nose. They can be bought in almost any store or drugstore, and they are made for both adults and children. The saline provides needed moisture to your nose, and it is safe to use up to four or five times a day. Simply tilt your head slightly backward and drop a few drops of the saline into your nostrils and carefully sniff.


Humidifiers are the answer to a house that is stuffy, especially in the winter when the heat from the furnace can cause dryness in the air. They help add needed moisture into the air in whatever room they are placed. Humidifiers are especially useful for children and infants who may have trouble breathing because of a stuffed-up nose. A humidifier can be used all night long to help a dry, stuffy nose that can get worse when you lie down.

Natural Cures

Eucalyptus is one herb that can be used for a stuffy nose, and it be purchased as an essential oil. Add about 10 drops to boiling water to create a steam that can be inhaled. Yarrow is another herb that can be purchased in health food stores. Yarrow treats the mucus membranes within the nose, so they create more moisture. Taking vitamin C in abundance can also help relieve the symptoms of a stuffy nose.

Neti Pots

A neti pot can be found in most health food stores and some pharmacies. A neti pot is used for a stuffy nose as it sends a salt-water solution into the nostrils to help loosen problem-causing mucus. To use this method, add warm water and 1 tsp. of sea salt into the neti pot. As you lean your head over a sink, carefully pour the mixture into one of your nostrils, breathing through your mouth. It will then flow out of the other nostril, clearing the mucus and bringing needed moisture into the membranes. This process can be done two times per day until it is no longer necessary.

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