How to Check the Status of a VA Claim

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides a wide array of benefits for veterans, active duty service members and military spouses. However, claims applications can take weeks or months to process. Although claim forms are available on the VA website, you must go through the VA's automated phone service to check on the status of claims.

  1. Types of Benefits and Claims

    • Available benefits include compensation, pensions, health care, vocational rehabilitation, employment, education, home loans, life insurance and survivor benefits. You must apply for each separately.

      Military members can file for VA benefits up to six months prior to separation under the Benefits Delivery at Discharge program. By taking advantage of this program, you should receive your benefits immediately after you leave the service.

    VA Claim Processing Time

    • Depending on the type and complexity of the claim, the VA may take up to six months to make a decision.

    Checking Claim Status

    • The only way to determine the status of a pending VA claim is by calling 800-827-1000 and following the recorded message instructions.

    Copies of VA Decisions

    • Requests for a copy of VA decisions must be made in writing and signed by the claimant. Send the request to your nearest VA regional office. Be as specific as possible about which documents you want.

    Additional Contact Information

    • Other ways to contact the VA include phoning or visiting the VA office nearest you. If you are near a military installation, you can contact the local Transition Assistance Office to schedule an appointment to file a claim or to attend benefits information briefings.

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