What Does It Mean When a Dog Humps Someone?

"I love playing with this red, rolly thing. Don't take my toy and make me mad."
"I love playing with this red, rolly thing. Don't take my toy and make me mad." (Image: Carmelka/iStock/Getty Images)

A dog or puppy may hump someone, an object, or a sibling in play, to show dominance or to express himself in a sexual response. Occasional humping is not usually bothersome; however, some dogs take it to a new level and hump humans constantly. The best time to discourage this behavior is when it first starts, so it doesn't become the center of attention in your home.

I'm Sexy and I Know It

When a dog is a puppy, he often humps people in an attempt to play or show affection. Puppies hump each other and humans when out of excitement. Unneutered or unspayed dogs under one year of age often hump people's legs or arms in a sexual response. This behavior is not only isolated to male dogs.

It's Playtime

Dogs may get excited when they want to play and hump the arm of the human who throws the ball for a game of fetch. This can happen even with male and female dogs that are neutered or spayed. If the owner does not teach the dog that this is unacceptable and allows him to continue, it can become an obsessive-compulsive behavior.

I'm Anxious

Some dogs hump when they are anxious. A doorbell ringing can send a dog into a humping frenzy, rather than jumping at the door to see who is there. Keeping your pet on a strict feeding schedule with lots of playtime and exercise teaches him at what time of day to expect something. Dogs that are tired from lots of play and exercise will less likely be anxious.

I Need to See My Vet

Some medical problems can cause humping in a response to alleviate the symptoms. Urinary tract infections, skin allergies and urinary incontinence are issues that should be treated by your veterinary. If your four-legged friend suddenly develops a humping routine, a trip to the vet is necessary to get a diagnosis.

Obedience Training Please

If your dog seldom humps humans and it isn't bothersome to you, he really doesn't need training. Distraction is a way to teach an alternative behavior. Keep some special treats on hand and offer him one when he mounts your leg or arm. He will stop and accept the treat. Recognize the beginning behavior before he mounts or humps you. A dog will sidle up to your and pant, paw, rub against you while whining or pawing you before he humps you. Offer your pet a toy or treat before he humps you to break the cycle of humping. You can also push him off you, get up if you are sitting, turn your back and walk away. If need be, tell him "no" and place him in a small, safe room, such as a bathroom or laundry room for about 10 minutes as a time out. Your pet will learn from training that humping is not an acceptable behavior.

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