List of Fun Exercises for Kids


Exercising is not always fun for kids, especially when it seems more like work than play. Most kids balk at the word "exercise." However, developing a pattern of unique and interesting exercise activities may help make it fun, as well as increase the awareness on the importance of being healthy. Staying in shape is essential and kids need to learn that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help prevent diabetes, heart disease and obesity later in life.

The Push-up Jump

  • Improve endurance with push-ups. This exercise can be used as a team activity that may also help motivate the kids to work together. Get the students in two lines facing each other. The first kid in each line will get on his hands in a push-up form, facing the other kid who is also in the push-up form. Instruct the kids do to one push-up, jump up to their feet, and then give each other a high five.

    Next, they will drop back down into the push-up form and will do two push-ups. They will then jump up on their feet, give each other two high fives and drop back down into the push-up form. Repeat this exercise once more. Older and more active kids may be able to endure an increase in push-ups.

Creative Exercising

  • Instruct the kids to lie on their stomach and pretend they are flying through the air or even swimming in the water. The exercise will increase the kid's flexibility and mobility. The kids may think this is a fairly simple exercise; however, once they are on their stomachs and the arms are in constant motion, it can be a good workout. The exercise should be performed in 10-second increments with a short break in between. It's a fun exercise for kids, especially for young ones who may want to pretend they are a favorite superhero, such as Superman or a Transformer.

Cone to Cone Exercises

  • Set up several cones about 20 feet apart. The kids should begin at the first cone. The purpose of this exercise is to get to the next cone performing some sort of exercise. It will also increase teamwork as well as build strength and speed. It's fun for kids because they can come up with their very own exercise and have fun doing so at the same time. For instance, one kid can yell, "Crab walk!" The kids will then perform the crab walk to the next cone. Once all kids have reached the cone, another kid can yell "Leap frog!" The kids will then perform the leap frog activity until the second cone is reached. Even a simple sprint or backwards walk can be used for this fun exercise.

Family Exercise Time

  • Go on a bike ride or motivate the family to take afternoon walks before dinner. Instead of sending the kid outside to play alone or find a friend, take a few moments to enjoy an activity that can be fun for not only the kids, but for entire family. Perhaps ask neighbors to join in on a game of kickball, soccer or a quick basketball game.

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