Natural Ways to Grow Taller


It is possible to grow taller using safe and natural methods such as exercise and stretching. Exactly how much taller you will be is a little more difficult to say. The human body naturally stops growing somewhere around the age of 21, but there are things you can do to help your body along if you're unsatisfied with your height.


Stretching is the first thing to try if you're interested in growing taller. Focus on stretches that work your spine and upper body core. You can start right now by standing up and bending over to touch your toes. Keep your stretches slow and easy. Never bounce, for this can injure your muscles. Many of the stretches used in both Yoga and Pilates are perfect for stretching your spine. Arching and stretching your back functions to increase your spine's flexibility and loosen up the vertebrae.

Woman stretching in yoga class
Woman stretching in yoga class (Image: Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty Images)


Swimming is an easy way to stretch your body, lengthen your spine and help you grow taller. A simple breast stroke is a perfect way to stretch your body because your legs and arms are extended in opposite directions. Other simple exercise techniques such as pull-ups and chin-ups help strengthen your back and shoulders, which can help you grow taller. Start off with simple wall leaning exercises when you get out of bed each morning. Regular stretching is a really great way to grow taller and maintain your height, as well.

Competitive swimmer using the breast stroke
Competitive swimmer using the breast stroke (Image: Randolph Jay Braun/iStock/Getty Images)

Body Inversion

Body inversion is essentially turning your body upside down and allowing gravity to stretch your spine and knee cartilage simultaneously. By hanging upside down you're allowing gravity to pull your body and straighten out any minor back alignment problems. Not only does this help your posture, it can also help you grow taller over time. You can buy inversion tables and other devices that will allow you to suspend your body in various different ways, but many require regular use to maintain any height gained while using the device.

Man hanging upside down in park
Man hanging upside down in park (Image: Osuleo/iStock/Getty Images)

Nutrition and Sleep

Eating the right diet and getting enough sleep is also important if you wish to grow taller. Depriving your body of sleep physically restricts the amount of your natural growth hormone. Eating a lot of proteins and carbohydrates can help your bones grow taller more quickly.

Man sleeping in bed
Man sleeping in bed (Image: Jacob Wackerhausen/iStock/Getty Images)

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