What Are the Treatments for Morgellons Disease?


Morgellon’s Disease is a new disease named in 2002 that includes a variety of skin-related symptoms including the sensation of crawling skin, stinging sensations, rashes and sores. The disease is only a theory; many doctors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that there is no evidence yet that Morgellon’s exists and classify it as an “unexplained dermopathy” that could be caused by another condition or be a side effect of mental illness. It depends on whom you ask. Still, treatment and suggestions exist for the supposed disease’s symptoms and living with an unexplained illness.

Find Help

While the future will reveal specific truths about Morgellon’s, the Mayo Clinic advises that the first step is finding a health care professional that will listen to your concerns and help deal with the symptoms you are experiencing. Many people who suspect they are afflicted by Morgellon’s experience unnecessary stress and are accused of hypochondria or mental illness. Finding a medical team that will take symptoms seriously will be very important.

Seek Treatment for Other Conditions

You will need to be patient as your doctor begins to investigate your illness. In most cases the doctor will begin looking at your symptoms as signs of another illness and begin treatment accordingly. This is good and should not be frowned upon. If your skin problems turn out to be psoriasis and the doctor treats for that disorder, then it should clear up the problem. If it doesn’t, then eventually he may diagnose Morgellon’s, but only after he has ruled out other illnesses in most cases.


NutraSilver is a natural mineral compound that is touted to be the only effective cure for Morgellon’s disease. It is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use against Morgellon’s, but testimonials on the product’s website and citations of lab studies appear to show it could be worth a try. According to Nutrasilver.com, the product kills the pathogens responsible for Morgellon’s and will help with the lesions, depression and anxiety that accompany the disease.

Antiparasitic Treatment

In an article published by Medical News Today, Dr. George Schwartz makes a case for intense antiparasitic treatment for Morgellon’s disease. His hypothesis claims that Morgellon’s is a condition caused by parasite infestation and mentions the use of antiparasite treatments, although the article fails to mention exactly what the treatment entails.

Stay Up to Date

The Mayo Clinic urges people who suspect they may have Morgellon’s disease to stay abreast of the latest developments in the ongoing study of this condition. The CDC and other health care organizations are performing new research and knowing the latest news on the unexplained illness will be beneficial and could lead to ideas on how to cope with it.

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