Natural Antibiotic for Tooth Infections


Tooth infections are uncomfortable and should be treated by a dentist immediately. If the patient cannot get to a dentist right away, an antibiotic can be used to treat the infection until a dentist can be seen. Natural antibiotics are easier to obtain than their prescription-only cousins and just as easy to use.

Young man with a tooth infection.
Young man with a tooth infection. (Image: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

What is A Tooth Infection?

According to, a tooth infection is when the tooth's enamel has been damaged enough to allow in bacteria and cause an infection. Tooth infections can be caused by cavities or trauma to the tooth. If allowed to continue long enough, tooth infections can lead to abscesses (swollen, pus filled tissue in the gums) and fever.

Teeth x-ray.
Teeth x-ray. (Image: Antonio Battista/iStock/Getty Images)

Natural Remedies

According to, infections and abscesses can be treated in a number of ways. A black teabag can be placed between the cheek and gum for a few hours or overnight. A mix of salt and baking soda can be used as well; it can be packed between the cheek and gum or it can be used on a wet cotton ball, then put into place. Garlic capsules can be taken three times a day for five days to relieve infection.

Close up of black teabag.
Close up of black teabag. (Image: terex/iStock/Getty Images)

Things To Watch Out For

According to, if the infected area has reached a head and burst open, very light pressing can help the drainage. Pressing too hard may push the infection into healthy tissue and make matters worse. These at-home treatments should not take the place of a dentist's examination and treatment. Also, some people may be allergic to one or more of these remedies; if so, they should not be used.

Dentist and assistant.
Dentist and assistant. (Image: Digital Vision./Photodisc/Getty Images)

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