The Correct Way to Use Lifting Straps

The looped end of the lifting strap goes around your forearm.
The looped end of the lifting strap goes around your forearm.

The forearm lifting straps that have become popular in recent years make it easier for a two people to move bulky or heavy items without damaging floors, staircases, and walls. Take care that you use the straps correctly or you may risk injury or damaging your property.

Using the Correct Technique

Forearm lifting straps are made by various manufacturers, but essentially they work the same. Some come in different lengths and others come with extenders. The idea is that two people each slip a strap under the item they are lifting, then place their forearms through the looped ends of the strap slightly below the wrist and place the heel of their hand and their fingers against the object. When they lift, their hands should be about chest high. It is important for the lifters to keep their backs straight and lift by using their legs. The item being lifted does not have to be that high off the ground in order to maneuver it.

Advantages of Using the Forearm Lifting Straps

The straps allow you to gain a firm hold on the object even though it may otherwise be a difficult piece to move. Because the object does not need to be lifted very high off the ground, you are able to maneuver the piece easily, even going up stairs or around tight corners. You are less likely to scratch wood floors or damage carpet or vinyl flooring because the object is off the ground.

Avoid Potential Problems with Lifting Straps

Even though the forearm straps make it easier to lift bulky furniture and appliances, precautions should be taken before you begin your move. Be sure to wear shoes that grip to avoid slipping. Clear your pathway before beginning to move the object. Although the straps make it easy to lift bulky items, your visibility is often impaired, especially if you are walking backward. Measure doorways and staircases prior to moving your object to ensure that you will be able to clear the passage. Be sure the straps are placed properly beneath the object and are not resting against any part of the piece that could come loose or break off.

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