Foods to Avoid When Feeling Tired All the Time


In today’s busy world more people feel tired all the time. They may blame this on less sleep time and more time spent working and doing other activities but they rarely realize that their diet may be the cause of their lethargy. Eating the right foods goes a long way to making a person feel energized all day.


Caffeine is a stimulant but it can lead to feeling tired all of the time. That is because like any drug it wears off in the system relatively fast. Therefore, the buzz one feels lasts for an hour to two and then fades and the person feels an extra wave of drowsiness come over him. The only way to feel energized again is to consume more caffeine. This leads to a vicious cycle of difficulties. Caffeine also can lead to dehydration, which causes a feeling of tiredness. It may also promote hunger, which leads the person to eat more, and possibly gain weight. Obesity can also cause a feeling of tiredness all the time.

The best solution is to stop consuming caffeine or to consume it in limited portions. Drink water instead since water keeps the body hydrated and helps to cleanse the body of impurities.

Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates such as cookies, cake and other sugary snacks, release a large dose of sugar into your blood stream causing your blood sugar to rise very quickly and making you feel energized fast. This wears off in an hour or two as your blood sugar returns to normal. You feel a let down that takes the form of intense tiredness and you may yawn and feel a strong urge to nap. Instead of using these foods for a quick pick me up, try complex carbohydrates instead such as a piece of fruit. The body must break the complex carbohydrates down and the result is the blood sugar does not spike as it does with the simple carbohydrates. The gradual increase in blood sugar causes the person to feel an increase in energy slowly and evenly.

High Fat Foods

Foods containing a large portion of fat, such as fried foods, will cause a person to feel very tired shortly after consuming them. This is because the body digestive system must work overtime to break down the fat in the food. Most of the body energy is involved with this digestive process leaving almost no energy for other body functions. The person will yawn and feel an overwhelming urge to take a nap until the digestive process completes the task.

Processed Foods

Processed foods contain chemicals to make them last a long time. When you eat them, the digestive system must break down these chemicals. This requires the body to apply extra energy to the digestive system leaving the rest of the body functions with little energy to work with, causing the person to feel tired.

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