Diet & Menu for People With Stents


The occurrence of esophageal cancer is continually climbing. The common symptoms associated with esophageal cancer are the sense that food gets stuck to the side of the throat, and swallowing in general becomes problematic. To ease the symptoms of esophageal cancer, metal or plastic stents are inserted into the patient. The stents are used to open the obstructed esophagus and to allow soft foods and liquids to pass through the tubes with ease. A special diet of soft and easy-to-swallow food is needed for the stent to work properly.


The appropriate foods when you have a stent are milk, yogurt, ice cream (without nuts or fruit), cream cheese, cottage cheese, soft eggs, tofu, casseroles, moist fish, strained meats or meats eaten with gravy or sauce, fruit juice, canned fruit, bananas, stewed dry fruits, strained baby fruits, vegetables that are pureed and soft, strained baby vegetables, cooked cereal or dry cereal with milk, mashed/sweet/ baked potatoes (with no skin), yams, soft rice, soft noodles, softened pancakes/ waffles, crackers or bread that have been softened in soup, butter, mayo, salad dressing, sour cream, whipped cream, coffee, Italian ice, sherbet, frozen yogurt jello, pudding, mousse, jam/jelly, soft condiments and syrups.

Meal Ideas

Menu ideas for stent breakfast foods include softened cereal in milk, served with canned fruit and orange juice, scrambled eggs with cheese and butter served with coffee, oatmeal with yogurt and a banana served with juice, or pancakes/french toast softened with syrup and served with fruit juice. Lunch ideas include soup and softened crackers, served with tea, a tuna/potato/egg salad served on very soft bread and canned fruit served with juice, meat in gravy sauce and creamed corn served with juice, stew and watermelon served with water. Dinner ideas are macaroni and beans served with juice, spaghetti with meat sauce and water, casserole served with lemonade, ground chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes, served with iced tea to drink.

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