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If you're a fan of the Tom and Jerry cartoons, you might also enjoy some of the online games featuring the cat and mouse characters. Run around stealing cheese as Jerry, or create crazy contraptions as Tom. Tom and Jerry games include chases and math problems and other activities for people of all ages.

Tom's Trap-O-Matic

  • This game combines strategy with simplicity. You play as Tom in one of two rooms and attempt to build a contraption that intricately twists and turns all the way across the room. Jerry is eating a piece of cheese under a cage, and the contraption you build will connect to the cage and finally catch Jerry.

    Your masterpiece starts with a simple mouse trap. Then you can use more than 25 items to catch the little rascal. The trick is to connect each item at the perfect distance from each other so their forward projection will set off the next item in the chain. You want to create a domino effect using anvils, cannons, boxing gloves and telephones. You can test your trap when you think you've nailed it. But don't get frustrated if your mouse trap doesn't work--there's always a better one to build.

Mac's Katapult

  • You play as Jerry in this game, which is fun if you're the type who enjoys shooting simulations. You're standing in a closet with a slingshot trying to knock items off a shelf. Tom is standing under the shelf trying to block your shot, so you have to fool him by aiming one way and shooting another. You'll move your aim around with the mouse and click, hold and release to shoot. Try to clear the shelves before time runs out.


  • Play as either Tom or Jerry as one tries to outdo the other. Jerry and his cousin are stealing food and running across a clothesline to escape. When you play as Jerry, you'll jump up and down the shelves of a cabinet and drop food to your cousin on the floor. Use the arrow keys to move in whatever direction you want. Use the spacebar to pick up a piece of food, and press the spacebar again to drop it to your cousin. But watch out, Tom is rolling pool balls across the shelves--if you get hit three times, you lose.

    When you play as Tom, you'll throw water balloons at Jerry and his cousin as they run across the clothesline with the stolen food. You can let them get across five times before you lose, but you can score big by getting multiple hits in a row.

The Great Cheese Chase

  • The play here can be glitchy, but if you get past that, it can be addicting. Jerry's mouse hole is boarded up, and he is locked in a room with Tom. Playing as Jerry, you have to run around the room and pick up cheese slices. Once you fill your cheese-o-meter, you will have enough power to burst through the boards and escape from Tom. You run around the room using the mouse pointer, which isn't accurate. You're supposed to run through small spaces to avoid Tom, but it is easy to run into a wall yourself. Each time Tom catches you, he'll take away a piece of cheese, and you have to go through three rounds before you escape.

What's The Catch?

  • You have the option of playing as either Tom or Jerry. The game has three difficulty levels. You'll use simple mouse clicks to play.

    If you play as Tom, you'll run with your arms out, waiting to catch plates Jerry is dropping. All you have to do is click on a falling plate, and Tom will catch it. If you happen to make it past the plates, you'll find yourself at a kitchen counter where Jerry is flipping wine glasses into the air. Here again, you have to click on an airborne glass to have Tom catch it. The glasses are almost transparent, making them difficult to see sometimes. Once you complete this part, you will catch Jerry in a glass and the game will be over. You're allowed three drops before you lose.

    If you play as Jerry, it's a little easier. You'll run through a hallway, and Tom will be right behind you. You will have to jump over balls, building blocks and stuff animals on the floor and jump at slices of cheese in the air. You click to jump over the small items and double-click to get the cheese slices and jump over the large items.

Tom and Jerry Math

  • This is an educational game. You'll run away from Tom for 60 seconds, and you'll solve math problems while doing so. A math problem will appear with two answers--you must choose the correct one. If you pick the wrong one, you'll get hit with a ball. See how many you can get right under pressure.

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