Home Remedies for Ear Hair Removal


Ear hair is the body's way of keeping things like dirt from getting in the ears and causing harm. When ear hair starts to grow outside of the ear canal, it causes embarrassment for many. Treatment options like laser hair removal can be inconvenient due to the time it takes to show results and the cost. There are several home remedies that are available to remove ear hair.


Razors are blades attached to a handle that cut hair at the surface of the skin. Despite the fact that shaving causes hair to grow back relatively quickly and causes stubble, razors are convenient because they are cheap, easy to use and do not generally cause pain if used carefully. An eyebrow razor removes ear hair better than traditional razors; this is because the eyebrow razor is flatter and smaller. To remove ear hair, simply get a mirror so you can see the ear hair, then gently place the razor in the ear canal only about a centimeter or two. Then, going in a circle, shave the inside of the inner ear. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure on the razor because you may cut yourself or cause skin irritation.

Removing From The Root

Root removal of hair requires pulling hair out of the skin by using tweezers or waxing. It is painful, but results last 2 to 4 weeks for most people. To tweeze the hair, take the tweezers and grasp one hair at a time and pull. For those who would like to use wax, it can be made at home. Place equal parts of honey, lemon and sugar in a bowl and microwave for two and a half minutes, then spread a little bit in the ear canal being careful not to get any on the ear drum. Place a piece of fabric on the wax. After the cloth is firmly pressed on the wax, pull it off quickly. This will remove both the wax and the ear hair.


A depilatory removes hair from the surface of the skin by dissolving it and is relatively painless. Like shaving, hair grows back quickly and may cause irritation. However, depilatories are easy to use and inexpensive. To make an at-home depilatory to remove ear hair, mix a couple of tablespoons of water and equal parts of besan and tumeric in a bowl. Place a thin layer of the mixture in the ear canal on the ear hair, then rub it off when it dries.

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