Troubleshooting a GE Camera


GE, commonly known for its line of home appliances, also manufactures a line of digital camera products. Their compact size and budget-friendly pricing makes GE's cameras popular among amateur photographers. However, even the best camera can sometimes not work properly. Learn how to troubleshoot a GE camera so you can continue capturing images of the world around you.

The Basics

  • Rule out the basic causes of common problems before continuing to more complex troubleshooting techniques. Verify that the camera's battery is installed correctly, and that it is charged. The GE camera's battery slot is found recessed on the bottom of the device, and the battery should be inserted so that its metal contact points are facing downward. If the camera does not turn on, try charging the battery in its included charging dock before use. Also verify that you are pressing the correct button when turning the camera on. The camera's power switch is found on the top right-hand side of the device and may be confused with the camera's shutter button.


  • Common problems are sometimes caused by the physical hardware of the GE digital camera. Such hardware issues not only affect camera operation, but also are a leading cause of photo quality problems. If you notice specks or focus problems in your photos, inspect the lens of the digital camera. Dust and other debris can reduce image quality. Wipe the lens with the cleaning cloth that came with the camera, or use a cloth intended for prescription eyeglasses.

    Check that you have not turned the settings dial on the back of the GE camera to the wrong setting. The GE digital camera has various settings for various environments, such as taking photos in dim lighting. However, taking photos in the wrong setting can cause overexposure and similar problems.


  • GE regularly updates its cameras' internal firmware to address software glitches and problems with responsiveness and data management. Failing to update the camera to the latest system firmware not only does not address problems that GE's software technicians have resolved, but may also create new problems when trying to use GE services or computer software with your camera's older firmware. Connect your GE camera to your computer using its original USB cord and navigate to GE's firmware download site (see Resources). Download any applicable updates to your camera's firmware and follow the on-screen prompts to install onto your camera.

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