Fish Pond Ideas

Koi pond fish.
Koi pond fish.

Although there are a number of prefabricated pond options out there to choose from, creating your own fish pond is a great way to employ your own artistic license. Every aspect of the creation of your outdoor pond is capable of being customized to your liking, from the size and shape to the water source, the rocks and plants and also the animal life that you introduce.

Size Considerations

Choosing a size for your fish pond is the first consideration, as it is going to influence what options are available for building materials and construction. When choosing the size for your fish pond, be sure to size your habitat to suit the fish and the plants that you will be cultivating inside.

Shape Considerations

The shape of your fish pond is up to you to decide, because there are no real necessities in the design construction. You will want to choose the shape of your pond and its depth early on in the design process to make sure you choose building materials that are accommodating. Some materials for building a fish pond will be better suited for different-sized and -shaped ponds. As an example, if you are choosing a common shape for your fish pond, you may choose a prefabricated pond liner. If you are choosing a unique shape, use the sheet liner approach instead.

Material Considerations

There are a number of different types of materials that you can use. Using all natural materials is one of the options available to you. You cannot simply dig your pond and expect for it to stay filled with water. A liner needs to be laid down to create the bottom and sides of your fish pond. You can choose a sheet liner that is held in place with stones and bricks, a pre-fabricated liner made of plastic or stone, or you can pour your own concrete liner. Prefabricated liner options are typically already fitted with hardware for pond water maintenance such as a place to install a filter if needed. Make sure to consider the benefits of all three liner types before you decide which will best suit your needs.

Plant Life Considerations

Now you are going to want to consider plant life. There are a number of plant varieties capable of thriving well in your pond. When choosing plant varieties, consider these things: First, will the plant survive well with the fish in your pond? Second, will the plant thrive in the amount of space provided? Finally, what plant maintenance steps are required? Now you can install the plants that you feel comfortable tending to, as continued care and the right conditions are required for plants to thrive in a pond setting.

Fish Considerations

Finally, consider the type of aquatic life you intend to introduce into your pond. Some fish can grow to 12 inches or more, and your pond should accommodate their size requirements. You should think about introducing only fish that are going to cohabitate well together. Choosing aggressive varieties of fish will not suit this environment. Select an algae-eating fish to control algae in your pond. Otherwise, choose community fish and non-aggressive fish for the best results.

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