The Best Way to Remove a Wart From an Arm


A wart is a growth on the surface of the skin. Generally, warts that appear on your arm are harmless. However, they can be painful and sometimes very difficult to remove. There are a few ways to successfully remove warts, although seeing a dermatologist is the quickest way to see results.

Over The Counter Treatments

  • There is a wide selection of over the counter wart removal products. Some selections come in forms that include creams, gels or medicated pads. The product is placed directly onto the wart to disinfect and kill the components that help the wart to survive. Usually, the product needs to be applied several times a day for a couple of weeks. Another popular over the counter product is a mild version of liquid nitrogen, the substance that would be used by a dermatologist. A padded applicator tip sticks out of an air compressed metal canister full of liquid nitrogen. The padded applicator is placed directly onto your wart and pressure is then applied. When pressure is applied liquid nitrogen scorches the surface of your wart to freeze it entirely. This process is repeated approximately five times before it successfully removes your wart. If used as directed, these products are usually effective for the occasional wart and take one to three weeks to be fully removed.

Home Remedy

  • A home remedy using duct tape is able to treat warts. Few studies have been performed on this method, although many individuals have reported the use of duct tape to be very effective. Duct tape is placed directly over the wart and left for a few weeks. The contents of the duct tape's adhesive combined with the moisture trapped within the duct tape create an environment that is undesirable for a wart to live. After a couple of weeks the duct tape is removed with the wart peeling off along with the tape.


  • For more stubborn warts, over-the-counter products don't tend to work long term. Warts may continually reappear in the same spot. In these cases it's best to see a dermatologist. Generally a professional will use liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill the wart. Minor pain is associated with this procedure. The outward appearance of the wart will start to wither and within a couple of weeks the wart will fall off, revealing a new skin surface.


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