The Best Way to Heat Your Home

Make sure your heating system is working optimally so heat is not lost in the output, which will increase heating bills. However, using the existing heating system is not the only way to heat your home.

  1. Installined Heating System

    • Home heating systems are typically either gas or electric, both of which have pros and cons. Heating an entire house can be rather expensive, especially if you are generally only using one or two rooms. And with the rising price of gas you can never be exactly sure how much your bill will be.


    • The fireplace has been around for hundreds of years and is probably the least expensive way to heat a room. This is especially true if the fireplace burns wood rather than gas or electric. While it won't heat the entire house, a fireplace is your cheapest option for a single room. But if the temperature is under the freezing point, turn up your thermostat so that water pipes don't freeze.

    Portable Heaters

    • Another way to save money on heating your home is with the use of portable heating units. These small units can be purchased from just about any large retail store such as Target or Walmart. They are electric and can be plugged into a wall outlet. The unit will constantly generate heat, and most units can have the temperature adjusted. They can also be placed in any part of the house, so if you are only spending time in your living room you may just want to leave the heating system off and turn on one or two portable heaters. You'll stay warm and save money.

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