Where to Install Cabinet Knobs?


If you are remodeling your kitchen, one of the last steps is putting on the kitchen knobs. Often, they are left off until their proper place on the cabinets can be decided. Fortunately, there is a general rule stating where kitchen knobs should go that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Where to Install Cabinet Knobs?
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Before drilling holes in your cabinet, carefully plan where you are going to install your kitchen knobs on each and every single cabinet. Measure from the top, bottom and side on each one so you maintain a uniform look. Do not eyeball it. Mark with a pencil where you have decided to put the knobs and then put some soft clay on the back of each one and temporarily put them on the cabinets. Take a step back and look. Leave them for a few hours and take notice of them every time you walk in the kitchen. If you are not confident of the placement, let your friends and family take a look also. This will also give you the opportunity to purchase new knobs if you find you actually do not like the ones you originally chose. Also, reach toward the knobs as if you were going to open the doors and be sure it is a comfortable reach. Take them off and adjust as necessary. If you make any adjustments, put them back on with the clay to double check they are all exactly where you want them to be. Finally, take them off and install them.

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Many people install their kitchen knobs along the edge, exactly in the middle. This means many people are on tiptoe to reach the knob on the upper cabinets and stooping to reach the ones on the lower cabinets. While you may decide this is where you want your knobs, this is not the most functional placement.

The general rule is to put the knobs on the bottom third of your top cabinets and the top third of your lower cabinets. Consider a placement of 2 1/2 to 3 inches from the bottom or top. This level is where contractors put them because this placement is comfortable for most people. Place the knob anywhere in that area that is most comfortable for you and anyone else who frequently uses the cabinets. A compromise might need to be made for homes with persons of varying height.

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After you have decided on a location, the distance from the bottom to the knob on the top cabinets is the same as the distance from the top to the knob on the lower cabinets. If you have drawers with knobs, the knobs should be placed in the center and at the distance from the top as the other lower cabinets.

To know how far to go in toward the cabinet, think function. You will get the most leverage using knobs that are closer to the edge. It is more difficult to open cabinets using a knob that is close to the middle. Usually, you should place the edge of the knob so that it is only about a 1/2 inch in from the edge. The hole you will be drilling will therefore be about 1 inch, which will help prevent the wood from splitting. If your cabinets have a design or raised panel along the edge, put the knobs between the design and the edge or in the middle of the raised panel.

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