About Distance Learning for an India PhD

There are many excellent reasons to look for a distance learning PhD from India, from cost to convenience and flexibility. Both private universities and India's open universities in various states offer a number of distance learning PhD programs.

  1. Benefits

    • Distance learning works well for people who have time constraints, such as a full-time job or small children. With distance learning, you complete the work whenever you want so long as it's submitted on time. You don't have to go to a classroom location, so there are no commuting costs, and you may find reduced expenses on books and educational aids.
      There are many great reasons to choose a distance learning PhD program in India. The top reason is cost. Pursuing an online program anywhere is cheaper than paying tuition to attend the school, but Indian programs are significantly cheaper. Since English is the national language of India, Americans looking for an inexpensive PhD have the advantage of common language. Another reason India distance learning PhDs work is the selectiveness of top programs in the U.S. and abroad. If having a PhD would offer you a higher salary or other benefits but you've had trouble getting accepted into nearby programs and don't want to move for school, distance learning could help.


    • Distance education is making a comeback these days with the burgeoning popularity of online education programs. Yet distance education is over 300 years old. The form dates back to the correspondence courses in the American colonies and abroad.
      Technological advances, historically, have given a boost to distance learning. While television was hoped to be a great education tool in the 1950s, only in the last 20 years with cooking shows, children's educational programs and PBS has its potential been realized. Today the Internet is the driving force of distance learning, and the ease of this format has made education accessible and affordable to many types of people.

    What to Know Before You Apply

    • While the fees, tuition and application process vary at different schools, there are some commonalities. Most programs require you to have some level of previous experience or coursework in a field before accepting you for PhD candidacy. You can complete prerequisites at a local community college or maybe even through another distance learning program. Some programs require you to hold a master's in philosophy before admitting you to the PhD track, but you can usually obtain this concurrent with the PhD. Some schools also require you to present an academic thesis before beginning your program.
      Distance education institutes offer a comprehensive list of distance learning programs in India and the types of bachelor's, master's and PhD programs each offers.

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