Soft Tip Darts Rules & Regulations


Soft tip darts are made with soft, rounded plastic points instead of the sharp metal ones on most darts. These darts are made to be slightly safer and work with special dart boards, particularly electronic ones. The boards they're used for are usually made with a plastic face with several perforated holes made to fit the dart tips. Some rules and regulations with these types of darts are the same as with others, but there are some rules specifically for playing with soft tip darts and their boards.

Safety and Weight Rules

  • Any dart board that comes with soft tip darts should only be used with those or other soft tip darts. This is especially true of electronic dart boards, as any other darts can damage the electronic components within the board. The recommended maximum weight for these darts is 18 g. Many dart boards meant for soft tips can actually hold darts up to 25 g without being damaged, but the darts themselves will often break the tips at that weight. The exact weight restrictions and recommendations can vary and are set by the dart board manufacturers. Even though soft tip darts have safer tips, they should still never be thrown at anything other than the dart board itself.

Game Play and Scoring

  • The standard throwing distance for throwing soft tip darts is eight feet, although this can vary depending on the rules provided by the board manufacturer. The board itself should be mounted so the center is five feet eight inches from the ground. Each player gets three darts to use in the game, and there should never be more than three darts on the board at one time. electronic boards can have multiple possible games programmed into them, but general scoring rules can also apply: 50 points for the bullseye, 25 for the ring surrounding it and all other points depending on the number marked on each section. In official tournament play, the score recorded by the board's computer is final. Other boards, like those from toy stores, can include buttons to eliminate scoring errors--like points recorded for a dart that bounces off the board without sticking.


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