How to Find the Right Hair Color Shade

There are several important things to consider when choosing a hair color shade. When it is done right, hair color can complement your skin tone and the shade of your eyes as well as your haircut. When it is done wrong, it can make you look sallow or washed out. The key is understanding your own coloring and skin tone, knowing what you want your hair color to express about you and knowing what you are willing to maintain in order to find the shade that will work best for you.

  1. Cool or Warm?

    • The first thing is to determine whether you have warm or cool natural skin tone. Those with dark eyes and dark or olive skin fall into the warm category and look best in tones that are golden, bronze or caramel colored. Going blond is possible for this category but is fairly tricky and should only be done by a professional.

      Those in the cool category have fair skin and blue or green eyes. This type of skin tone is most complemented by light browns and ash blond colors. Golds and reds do not work well with those in the cool category as those colors tend to highlight ruddiness in the skin.

    Express Yourself

    • When considering a hair color, keep in mind your lifestyle and the image you want to convey with your hair style and color. Fire engine red might be lots of fun for weekend clubbing, but may feel too immature for the professional work space. Consider carefully whether you want your hair color to make a glaring statement about you or simply contribute to an overall look of a well-maintained individual. If you are curious how a more bold hue might look on you, check with your local stylist to either test a color swatch or try a computer program that can input your picture and allow you to see different shades on you.


    • Once you think you have the perfect shade, you also need to consider how much maintenance it is going to require to keep it looking nice and natural as well as the expense of the upkeep. You may be able to swing going blond from a light brown, but you will be in the stylist's chair, handing over a bundle every six to eight weeks to keep dark roots at bay. If you are on a strict budget, or lead a busy lifestyle, you may be happier choosing a shade that allows for more of a gap between maintenance sessions if necessary.

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