Plinko Rules


The all-American game show "The Price is Right" features many interesting and mind-boggling games that allow contestant to win money. One game in particular may have received the most roars from the audience when announced because it is one of easiest ways to win up to $50,000. Plinko is the name, and winning is the game. Before you can play, you must follow these rules to earn your way to the top so you can send those Plinko chips to the bottom, and win big!

Win the Discs

  • The game begins with the contestant being given a Plinko chip as a freebee. Then, he is shown four different products, along with a description of each. With that, two different prices are shown for each product and he must choose the price that correctly represents the cost of that product. If he is correct, you earn a Plinko chip. With the free chip and four you are able to earn, you have a chance to drop five Plinko chips into the standing Plinko board. At that time, you can win up to $50,000 if you can drop each chip into the $10,000 slot!
    Keep in mind that the winnings at the bottom with the amount growing as it reach the center. the amounts work they way inward with each side identical. It begins with $100, then $500, then $1,000. But then, it has $0 on each side of the center spot, which is $10,000.

After You Win the Discs

  • Once you have all of the Plinko chips you've earned, you make your way to the steps behind the top of the Plinko board. It stands upright about 10 feet high or so, and you choose which slot to drop the chips down one at a time. However, winning it isn't that easy. You don't actually "choose" to drop each chip down the $10,000 slot. The board is made up as a maze inside, and as the chips fall, they move from one peg to another, shifting along the way. You may drop the disc on one side and it may end up on the opposite side at the bottom.
    If a chip happens to get stuck, it will be removed and you have another chance to send it down the Plinko board.

    So, as the disc falls, watch it make its way down to the bottom. Remember where you dropped the chip so you can strategize where to drop it the next time if your current results are undesirable.


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