Punch Needle Embroidery Instructions


The art of punch needle embroidery is relaxing and yields beautiful results. Punch needle embroidery looks similar to latch-hook pieces. The appearance of the design is formed with small, looped pieces of embroidery thread. This type of craft is a combination of embroidery techniques and latch-hook techniques. Relieve stress and create a beautiful piece to hang on your wall or frame for the fireplace. Punch needle embroidery patterns come in miniature to large sizes. Buy a pattern or make your own.

Thread the Punch Needle

  • Separate your embroidery threads by color. For each color, separate into individual strands. Place these somewhere safe so that you can easily access them while you are completing your punch work embroidery piece.

    A punch needle can hold one to six strands of embroidery thread. The key to beautiful punch needle embroidery is stitches of the same height. Your goal should be to create a uniform texture. Thread the punch needle with the required number of thread strands called for in your punch needle embroidery pattern. Different patterns require different number of threads. Place one strand of the thread through the end of the needle threader. Slip the threader through the punch needle eye end. Do not put the thread through the eye though.

    Slide the threader to the opposite end of the punch needle. Pull the thread until there is just enough left to put through the eye of the punch needle. Remove the threader. Put the threader on the end of the strand near the punch needle eye. Thread through the eye of the punch threader needle. Repeat until you have the required number of punch needle embroidery strands. For example, if the pattern calls for three strands. You will thread the punch needle three consecutive times before making the punch needle stitch.

Mark Your Fabric

  • Turn your fabric with the wrong side facing you. Trace your pattern onto the fabric with fabric chalk. If you buy a kit for punch needle embroidery, the pattern should already be on the fabric for you.

Frame Your Fabric

  • Place your fabric inside of an embroidery locking-lip hoop or in a latching frame (specifically designed for punch needle projects). The wrong side of the fabric needs to face you. This is the side that has the design marked on it. Be certain the fabric is stretched uniformly and tightly to ensure that your punch needle stitches are consistent.

Working Your Pattern

  • Set the gauge on the punch needle to the required level that is listed in the punch needle embroidery pattern instructions. Different patterns will call for different gauge settings. Do not just guess on the gauge setting. It determines the height of the stitches in the pattern.

    Hold the punch needle with the bevel facing you and at a slight angle. Punch the needle through the fabric on the marked area. Push the needle all the way through until the gauge is flush with the fabric. Be certain to go straight-down, and not at an angle. Pull the needle straight back out. Repeat with the next stitch. Punch the next stitch very close to the previous one. The key is to keep your stitches very close to each other.

    Start your pattern by working the outer-most edges toward the center. Check your hoop or frame often. Sometimes the embroidery lip-locking frames can come loose, while working on projects. It's imperative that the fabric remain taught throughout the project. Thread your needle when the strand runs out. Repeat until the entire pattern is completed.

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