Facial Exercises for a Thin Face


Along with losing body weight in general, you can also target fat in your cheeks, lips and neck to thin down your face. Liposuction and makeup tricks facilitate the process, but both take time and money. The easiest and cheapest way to a thin face is through specific exercises to get rid of the unwanted fat.


To tone your forehead, which will ultimately thin down your face, the experts at FitnessHealthZone.com suggest this exercise: Place both your index fingers just above your eyebrows. Attempt to draw the eyes downward and raise your brows at the same time. Repeat this exercise 10 times.


Your eyes are a body part that reveals your age and habits rather easily. Relax and sit down upright in a sturdy chair. Shut your eyes. Hold that position and try to glance below and above, as much as you can. Count to 10 and then relax. Perform this routine at least 10 times each day.


Put one of your fingers in your mouth and suck hard on it, with as much force as you can. Count to 10 and slowly remove your finger. Repeat this process 10 times. Performed every day, this exercise will reduce puffy lips, giving your face a thinner appearance, FitnessHealthZone.com says.


If chubby cheeks are a problem, try this tip from FitnessHealthZone.com: Place the fingers of one of your hands, except the two outer fingers, at a 90-degrees angle on the cheek on that same side—right hand, right check; left hand, left cheek. Tilt your head back. Using your fingers, force your cheek downward and toward the inside of the mouth. While you are doing this, make the widest smile you can. Duplicate this workout with the other cheek and hand. Make sure your head stays titled back the entire time.


To target an unsightly neck, tip your head back slowly, to the maximum possible limit, stretching your neck muscles. Then, move your lower jaw back and forth, left to right. Perform this exercise no less than five times daily for a toned neck and thinner face. You can also do this exercise in a chair. Tip your head back, loosen your lips, and slowly move your lower lip upward and over your upper lip. Stop only when you think you cannot move it up any more, and then count to 10 and release. Do this exercise 10 times each day.


You can rectify a double chin with an exercise from the How to Lose Face Fat blog. Sitting upright in a chair, tilt your head back, look up at the ceiling, and bring your lips tightly together. Then, round your lips, blow and hold that position for a count of 20. Slowly bring your head down to a normal position. Do at least five repetitions every day. Be consistent, and you’ll lose the wobbly double chin, making your face look thinner and more toned.

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