Exercises for the Weider Weight Machine

The Weider Weight Machine is a total body workout machine for home use. Using a system of pulleys and detachable attachments, it allows users to perform dozens of exercises with up to several hundred pounds of resistance. Used properly, you can work out your entire body.

  1. Determining Your Goals

    • These will determine how you use the Weider Weight Machine. If you're looking to increase overall body strength, pick compound exercises such as the leg press or military press. These will work more than one muscle group at a time and increase the efficiency of your workouts while promoting strength gains. After several warm-up sets with light weight, do one to five repetitions per set per exercise, building up to a high degree of intensity (amount of weight lifted).

      To add muscle mass, employ a routine that incorporates both compound lifts and exercises that work individual muscle groups (like triceps push downs). For each exercise, use the five-by-five protocol; that is, do five sets of five repetitions, using 80 percent of the maximum weight you can lift in that exercise.

      Increase your muscular endurance by doing three or four sets of 12 to 20 repetitions. Perform compound lifts, and set the resistance at a weight that makes it difficult (but not impossible) for you to finish the last one or two repetitions.

    Compound Lifts vs.Targeting Specific Muscles

    • The Weider Weight Machine will allow you to do a number of compound exercises. For the upper body, you can target the chest while also working the shoulders and arms simultaneously with the seated bench press, the incline press and the "pec-deck."

      You can target the shoulders while also working the arms and chest by doing seated shoulder press, shoulder raises and upright rows. Upper-body exercises that primarily target the back while also working the shoulders and arms include wide pull-downs, narrow pull-downs and bent-over rows.

      The lower-body compound exercises available on the Weider Weight Machine include leg press, which targets the entire leg and hips, hamstring curls (hamstrings and butt), and leg extensions (quadriceps and hip flexors).

      If you want to pack on mass in a specific muscle group, or increase your strength in certain lifts, you can use the Weider Weight Machine to achieve these goals.

      Triceps push-downs and barbell curls (with the straight bar attachment) will target the arm muscles.

    Training Routines

    • If you're just getting started, try doing a total-body workout three days a week. This would involve picking several exercises for the upper body and several for the lower body and finishing all of them in a single workout. As you progress, make sure to increase the weight lifted so that your workouts don't stagnate.

      To make your workouts more difficult, vary the intensity by doing "light days" and "heavy days." Light days would allow you to focus on technique and muscle recovery, so that you can prepare to lift more weight on heavier days. Also, as you progress, you can begin adding more exercises.

      Or you can switch to an advanced routine. One such routine involves doing upper-body exercises on day one, followed by lower-body exercises on day two, with a day or rest on day three. After day three, start again with day one. Another advanced routine involves working different muscle groups on successive days. Pick one section of your body (say, chest), and only work those muscles on day one. Then do only legs on day two, followed by shoulders on day three, back on day four, and so on. Take a day of rest on day five, or as needed.

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