PC to TV Converter Troubleshooting


PC to TV converters are used to easily transfer the display signal from a PC to a TV. While your computer outputs an RGB signal with a dedicated channel for red, green and blue, most televisions require a YPbPr signal with a channel for luminance, red difference and blue difference. The PC to TV converter handles the differences, but during the conversion process problems may arise that require a bit of troubleshooting on your part.

No Picture

  • If you're experiencing no picture at all or a test pattern consisting of colored bars on the screen when using your converter it may be due to three possible problems: the physical connection, the television settings or your computer's settings.

    Begin troubleshooting these problems by checking the physical connections of your setup. Make sure the cables are firmly connected and placed according to your converter box's instructions. If the connections are correct check the television to ensure that the TV is connected for the AV mode necessary to receive the input from your converter. Next check the output settings on your computer. If you're using a laptop or a second video port on your computer then use the display settings for your system to enable the proper outputs. Lastly, check the video drivers for your graphics card, and be sure that you have the TV mode activated.

Black and White Pictures

  • For a television image that's showing in black and white only, or constantly scrolling, the problem could be related to region settings. Most converters are universal and work on television sets around the world. They usually come with a set of dip switches for setting the television type by region. Check the dip switches and make sure your converter is set for the television type. For U.S. users the switches should be set for the NTSC mode.

General Video Problems

  • For a distorted, off-centered picture or any problem where the picture displays but does not appear as it does on your computer's screen you should check the resolution of the computer video. For most converters the best resolution to use is 1024 x 768 with a refresh rate of 60Hz. High definition converters should be set to output at 1280 x 720 for 720p high definition displays, or 1920 x 1080 for 1080p displays. 1080i displays can be set at either 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 1080.

    If the colors on your display are wrong you should check the wiring of the RGB signal; a short or a bad connection will cause a drop in one of the colors and the cable will need to be replaced. If the picture is gray with only a slight display of the computer screen, check that the television input is capable of receiving an RGB signal; if more than one input is available then switch the connectors.

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