Home Remedies for Removing Hair Bumps


Hair bumps, more commonly called razor burn, affect men and women. These bumps can ruin the look of smooth legs, underarms or a face. These bumps are difficult to eliminate because every time a razor is run across the skin, the skin irritation returns. There are ways to prevent the bumps and several home remedies and tips to help if the bumps do develop.


  • Hair bumps are caused by ingrown hairs created by shaving. The bumps usually vanish after a few hours or days, but they may cause a raised welt or pustule. The bumps can become infected.


  • To prevent hair bumps, soften your skin and hair with warm water. The best time to shave is right after a shower or bath.
    Use a shaving cream, not soap. Be thorough when you apply the cream. Shave in the direction of the hair growth; this helps hair come out more smoothly. Shave the easiest areas first: cheeks, neck, calves.
    Don't stretch the skin as you shave, and rinse the razor every time you finish using it. Replace the blades often. Use a blade three to four times before replacing it. Try a shaving oil. Using the oil first can help moisturize skin, soften hair and reduce the number of bumps that appear.

    You can also stop shaving for a while and give your skin and hair a rest. Try using an electric razor, which is easier on the skin. Also, reduce your use of after-shave and cologne, which can dry and irritate skin.

    Use a soft touch when shaving. Pressing too hard can cause excess friction and lead to razor burn. Moisturize the shaved area when you're finished shaving.

Treatment Options

  • If you do have an ingrown hair, take a needle, sterilize it in alcohol and gently slide it under the hair to lift it. Never pick or squeeze a hair bump.
    To stop the burning feeling that can accompany razor burn, dissolve two uncoated aspirin in a teaspoon of warm water. Mix this into a paste and put the paste on the shaved area. Leave it for a few minutes and then rinse off.
    Try mashing two strawberries and mixing with a spoonful of sour cream. Put this balm on the shaved skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Use this ointment twice a week to stop razor burn.
    Other remedies to relieve bumps are witch hazel, aloe vera and benzoyl peroxide. Try eating foods rich in vitamin C to help heal skin.

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