The Best Way to Face Subwoofers


Part of getting good sound in a car audio system is getting the bass right, and doing that involves using a subwoofer box for the low frequencies. However, it is not just enough to stick the sub anywhere; depending on your vehicle, there are several different places that might be ideal for getting the best bass response, and achieving this can take some experimentation.

In a Car

  • In a standard car, the best place for a sub box is usually as close to the front of the car as possible, with the speaker ports on the sub box facing towards the back of the car. If your car is a standard four door, placing the sub box in the trunk is a good option, up near the front part of the trunk, with the speakers firing backwards. In a hatchback, sometimes having them up against the back seat with the speakers firing upwards works for getting good bass; alternatively, have the speakers fire towards the rear of the car.

In a truck

  • Subwoofer placement in a truck can be a little trickier, depending on the layout of the truck. Placing them under the seat, with the speakers either firing down towards the floor or up into the seat, is one option. If the truck has front and back seats, try having the sub box up against the back seat with the speakers firing backwards, or upwards.

In an SUV

  • In an SUV, the first option is usually to have the sub box near the back of the SUV with the speakers firing into the back of the SUV; alternatively, try having the speakers firing upwards if the bass is too muddy. If this placement doesn't work, try moving the box forwards in the SUV and place it so the speakers fire upwards.

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