Facial Exercises for Models


Models always have chiseled and thin-looking faces. This is done by doing different facial exercises. There are multiple facial exercises that are aimed at the eye area, neck, throat and toning exercises for the lips. Facial exercises are easy for anyone, and you can do them at any time.

Facial Exercises for the eyes

  • This exercise is effective at fighting crow's feet.

    For this exercise, close eyes firmly and place thumbs on the outer corners of the eyes. Then gently pull the skin toward the temples. Do this at least five times to be effective.

    Another effective eye exercise is when you close both of your eyes, place both of your forefingers under each eyebrow. Now stretch the skin upward while the eyes are closed. Do this for two seconds, and then let go; do this five times.

Face exercises for neck and throat

  • The following exercises help people whom have wrinkled throats.

    The first exercise requires you to grasp the underneath of your chin with an open hand. Next tilt your head back so that your staring upward until you feel your throat skin stretching. Hold this for at least five seconds. Do this about five to 10 times.

    The next exercise requires you to bring your lips together as if you are going to kiss. Next you will tilt your head back till you are staring at the ceiling. Now stretch your lips forward till you feel a stretch in your neck. Hold this for at least 10 seconds, and do this about five times.

    This last exercise is effective for the throat. First you must tilt your head back till you are staring at the ceiling. Next you need to bring your bottom lip over your upper until you feel a stretch in your throat. Hold this position for five seconds, and then relax. Do this about five times.

Face exercises for the lips

  • The following exercises will help make the lips look plumper.

    For the first exercise, bring your lips together firmly. Next, bring your lips up toward your nose and hold them there. Do this for three seconds, and relax the lips. Do this about five times.

    The next exercise requires you to bring your lips into a kiss position as hard as you can. Hold this position for 10 seconds, and then relax the lips. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

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