Halogen Oven Cooking Times


Halogen ovens come in different styles ranging from countertop models to full-size, built-in ovens with microwave and convection oven options. Halogen can cut cooking times up to 50 percent for a countertop model and up to 88 percent with the more powerful built-in Advantium 240. Cooking times for your oven may vary.

Countertop Models

  • Countertop halogen ovens cook food up to 50 percent faster and, because of their small size, they cut energy use by up to 70 percent over conventional ovens. Preheating is not required and frozen meats do not need to be thawed, saving more time.

    When cooking something new, start checking for doneness at about half the normal cooking time. Dense foods like baked potatoes save less time. Baked potatoes take about 70 minutes at 400 degrees, saving only 12 minutes. The Advantium Ovens do much better with foods like potatoes because they also use microwaves that penetrate dense foods easily.

    A whole roast chicken will take about 70 minutes at 400 degrees. Compare that to 2 hours in a conventional oven. Chicken breasts cook in 20 minutes at 375 degrees. You can bake a pie in 25 to 35 minutes at 400 degrees in a countertop halogen oven.

Advantium 120 Halogen Oven

  • The Advantium 120 and 240 halogen ovens combine convection and microwaves with halogen light to cook even faster. The Advantium 120 alternates halogen light with microwaves and is capable of cooking up to four times faster than a conventional oven.

    In the Advantium 120 oven, a whole 5-lb. chicken will cook in about 45 minutes. Breaded fish fillets need only 10 minutes, and a 1/2-thick fish fillet needs 12 minutes. Crescent rolls take 20 minutes in a regular oven, but only 8 minutes in the Advantium 120. You can bake four potatoes in 12 minutes compared to 82 minutes in a conventional oven.

Advantium 240 Halogen Oven

  • The Advantium 240 halogen oven uses halogen light and microwaves together to cook even faster than the Advantium 120--up to eight times faster than a conventional oven. In the Advantium 240 oven, a whole 5-lb. chicken cooks in less than 35 minutes. Breaded fish fillets need only 4 1/2 minutes. Crescent rolls bake in 5 minutes. You can bake four potatoes in 10 minutes.

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