Homemade Indian Costumes


Kids love to dress up in costumes and pretend to be someone else. Around Thanksgiving, kids often need indian costumes to take part in a school play. Indian costumes are also great for Halloween. Create a easy homemade indian costume for your child.

Homemade Indian Costumes
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When crafting a homemade indian costume for kids, you'll want to use different elements for girls and boys. For girls, find a brown jumper for your daughter at a thrift store, flea market or yard sale. Look for one that has very little decorations on it. Look for a suede fabric or something else that looks like it's a soft leather.

Measure up from the bottom hem of the skirt about four to six inches, depending on the length of the skirt. Make marks to this measurement all around the skirt. Sew a single seam around the skirt on these marks. Cut slits from the bottom hem, about 1/4 inch a part, almost up to the stitching line all the way around the skirt to make fringes. Don’t cut past the stitching line since it is there to prevent further tearing of the fabric. Sew or use a hot glue gun to attach beads that add to the effect of the indian costume.

If it's cold outside, let your child wear the jumper with a plain-colored turtleneck or if the weather is warmer, a t-shirt will work. Tie leather lacing around the waist for a belt or visit a secondhand store to buy a beaded belt. Add brown leggings if the skirt is too short. Braid your daughter’s hair and add feathers, headbands and beads to her liking.

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In order to make a homemade kids indian costume for boys, use a pair of old brown or tan pants and pullover shirt. Buy a half-yard of brown or tan fabric, whatever is the opposite of the pants. Measure the length of the pant legs. Cut two pieces of the brown fabric to the same length as the leg and four inches wide for cutting the fringes. Cut almost all the way through the fabric to make fringes. Leave about one inch on the long side so you can attach the fringes to the pants. Sew the fringes to the sides of the pants. Use safety pins to attach the fringes if you want to use the pants again for something else.

Follow the above method to make fringes that fit down the sleeves of the shirt. If it is warm enough, go shirtless and use washable paint to make warrior marks on his chest and face.

Buy a plain headband. Attach feathers to the headband using a hot glue gun to make a headdress. Add other accessories such as a toy bow and arrow or machete.

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If you like to sew, there are many easy homemade indian costume fabric patterns you can buy from the store if you would like to personalize your child's costume even more.

To make indian costumes for adults, follow the same instructions, but use adult-size clothes and more decorations.

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