The Best Ways to Gain Weight Fast


Gaining weight fast should always be accompanied by a medical opinion. The best ways to add weight quickly include healthy eating and weightlifting. By supplementing weight training with proper nutrition, you should be able to add healthy pounds rapidly.

Gaining Weight Properly

  • The best ways to gain weight fast should all include proper nutrient intake and a weightlifting routine. Be aware that any alternate weight gain methods will involve excessive fat gain, which might not be your goal. Weight gain is best maintained over time; when you gain weight quickly, any immediate gains typically not going to be long-term. Eating often, lifting properly, and limiting cardiovascular exercises will increase your capacity to gain weight fast.

Nutrient Dense Foods

  • Proper nutrition is important to proper weight gain. Eat nutrient dense foods, and supplement your diet with high protein meals. Calorie intake must be increased exponentially. In addition, monitor food labels to ensure that you are consuming high-quality foods. Whey protein and creatine are excellent supplements for fast weight gain. Follow labels and/or consult with a doctor if necessary. Professional bodybuilder and nutrition expert Vince DelMonte suggests incorporating shakes for weight gain, such as:

    1 to 3 cups of low-fat milk (300 calories)
    1 to 2 cups of mixed berries (200 calories)
    40 to 60g of protein powder (160 to 240 calories)
    1 to 2 tbsp. of natural peanut butter (200 calories)

Weightlifting Routine

  • Putting on weight fast can result in fat gains unless you also follow a weightlifting routine. Stick with six to 12 reps. By focusing on muscle mass and blood flow, weight gain will be achieved as nutrients rush into the muscles; this is known as the "pump." DelMonte notes that "bulking up is the quickest way to gain mass." Don't skip workouts or over train.


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