Neck & Upper Back Pain Relief


Upper back and neck pain commonly afflicts those with poor posture and those who spend large amounts of time sitting at desks with poor back support. Upper back and neck pain also progressively affects individuals as they age. The pain can lower the quality of life for the sufferer and even be debilitating. Fortunately, there is relief for upper back and neck pain that comes in a variety of forms.


Many individuals get pain that is located around the upper back and neck. This pain can be a burning, pinching or sharp pain. Since these two parts of the body are close together, they are often treated together.

Common Treatments

Plenty of rest can alleviate neck and back pain. If the pain does not go away, patients might request to get cortisone shots, muscle-relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs. Chiropractors specialize in back problems and can also treat the neck pain. Surgery and physical therapy are also on the table for very severe back and neck pain. Of course, simple pain medications are also prescribed.


Bad posture can put a strain on the back and neck, leading to neck and back pain. Individuals can determine whether or not their back and neck are properly aligned by placing their backs against the wall and checking to see if the back of the head, upper back and buttocks are touching the wall. If any of these do not naturally touch the wall, back and neck pain might develop. This can be prevented by only sitting at places where there's back support, and keeping upright posture. When looking downward, individuals should lower their entire head instead of simply tilting their head.


The back can be stretched by placing one hand on a wall and then turning the body away from that hand until a stretch is felt. The back can also be stretched by tilting the torso to the side until a stretch is felt in the lower back.

Alternative Therapies

Heat therapy can offer pain relief for neck and back pain. Heat wraps can be warmed up in the microwave and then placed conveniently on the shoulders. Taking a hot shower with the water spraying the painful area can also relieve neck and upper back pain. Finally, massage therapy can help release knotted muscles, providing relief for back and neck pain.

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