Outdoor Water Fountain Design Ideas


Water fountains add ambiance to any landscape. You can make an outdoor water fountain with supplies from your local home improvement store. You can make a fountain to fit against the side of your house, as decoration in your garden or as a centerpiece on your lawn .

Patio Fountain

  • You can build a water fountain against the wall of your home as decoration for your outdoor patio with colorful mosaic tiles and pieces of broken ceramics. Create your mosaic design for your fountain on a sheet of acrylic that you can attach to the outside wall of your home with treated wood strips. Outline the design for your mosaic fountain directly on the acrylic with permanent marker and then fill in the design with mosaic tiles and ceramic pieces. To break ceramics for your mosaic, place them in a sealed plastic bag and wrap them in a towel before you tap them with a hammer. You can use thinset mortar to attach the tiles and ceramics to the acrylic. Attach the wood strips to the acrylic and to the house with waterproof adhesive, like Liquid Nail. Use a sealed planter that complements your mosaic design for your fountain's reservoir, or build a treated wood frame and line it with pond liner.

Garden Fountain

  • To make a charming fountain for your garden that includes terra cotta pottery spilling into a simple planter reservoir, you'll need large rocks for support, two large terra cotta jug planters. One planter will be you reservoir and the other planter will be lying on its side so that the water can flow into the reservoir planter. Arrange large rocks to make a naturally elevated base, and glue the side of the planter to the rocks with waterproof adhesive. Run copper pipe or plastic tubing through the drainage hole at the base of the reservoir planter before you make it water tight with plumber's putty. Connect the pipe to the fountain pump and place the reservoir beneath the fountain planter so that the water will flow directly into it. Run the plastic tubing or copper pipe from the fountain pump to the drainage hole in the bottom of the fountain planter. Remember to fill your reservoir and your fountain planter with water before you turn on the pump.

Lawn Fountain

  • Create a simple fountain for your lawn with a large round planter, decorative stones and a fountain pump. Make sure to seal any drainage holes in the planter before you stack decorative stones in the center in the shape of a volcano. Add the fountain pump and feed tubing up through the stones so that it barely peeks out at the top. You can camouflage the pump with more stones, but do not make it inaccessible. Fill the planter with water about halfway up the stone volcano before you turn on the pump. The water will gurgle from the top of the stones and flow over the sides, back down into the planter.

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