The Proper Way to Wear a Pocket Watch


Pocket watches bring a bit of nostalgic distinction to your outfit, setting your timepiece apart from the usual wrist watches, and adding an element of refinement. Whether you want to use a family heirloom, put on a costume piece, or enjoy the simple practicality of a pocket watch, learning to wear it properly requires not only attention to method, but to your wardrobe as a whole.

Wear a Pocket Watch Properly

  • Pocket watches were originally a high-class fashion icon, so it should be no surprise that the proper way to wear them is as part of a suit or formal wear, that would ideally include a vest. Be sure that your pants are not too tight, as the pocket watch should easily come out of your pocket without a struggle. Take a look at your vest to see if it has a feature to connect the watch chain, allowing the timepiece to rest in the pocket after connecting. Another option is a button hole. If you don't wear a vest with your suit, connect the watch to the belt or using both the front and back pockets, with the watch in the front, and the fob end in the back. Place the fob into your vest, pocket or belt on the side opposite the hand you write with. Pocket watches were originally intended to be practical as well as fashionable, so you should be able to write while holding the timepiece. Right-handed people would have the pocket watch on their left sides. With the fob connected, place the timepiece end into your pants pocket. Suit jackets, if worn, are worn on top, leaving the chain slightly visible if worn with the proper vest.


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