Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning Procedures


Ice machines are fairly simple systems, but they require some maintenance. Hoshizaki recommends that their machines get cleaned and sanitized at least once per year, and depending on use you may want to do it more often.

Empty the Machine

Remove all the ice from the bin, turn off the water supply and drain the sump tank. A drain suction hose should be visible on small units that can be pulled loose to allow water to drain into the bin. On larger units remove the overflow pipe to drain the sump. Turning the pipe counterclockwise should remove it. Some models may also have a drain plug in the ice drop zone that will drain the reservoir.

Clean the Evaporator

To clean the evaporator use Lime-A-Way or Hoshizaki’s Scale Away cleaner. Mix the cleaning solution with water at the recommended ratio on the packaging in a bucket. Pour the solution inside the sump and move the switch to the wash position. If your unit has the cleaning valve, it should be turned to the “open” or “clean” position. You must move the valve back to the closed position for it to make ice again. Circulate the solution until the unit is clean. This may take some time depending on how much calcium or lime has built up. If you have the proper cleaning brush included with your unit, use it to gently scrub deposits off the evaporator.

Clean Parts

Empty the sump as mentioned above and remove the check valve, spray tube and float switch along with the rubber connector and soak them in ice machine cleaner. While soaking, take out and clean the water valve strainer.


Even though you have removed the buildup from the machine, bacteria is still present. Run a sanitizing solution through the machine just as you did the cleaner and wipe down the ice reservoir with a sanitizing solution and thoroughly dry before reconnecting the water supply and turning the ice machine back on.

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