Baby Shower Pictionary Ideas


Baby Pictionary is a variation on the original Pictionary game. In Baby Pictionary, guests draw pictures of baby-related words. This is a beloved game at baby showers--something for everyone to participate in and enjoy. The premise of the game is basic, but coming up with enough words for the game to last with a large guest list can be challenging. Let the expectant mother be the moderator of the game and have gifts for the winning team.


  • Split the guests up into two teams. Write the words on index cards prior to the start of the shower. A large drawing easel can be used to for drawing the pictures, but notebooks can also be used. Either way, be sure the drawing canvas is big enough for the entire team to see while the drawer is drawing the image. Have the expectant mother pick a card for each team. Only let the team member who will be doing the drawing see the card, and only let one team up to the board at a time. Have a timer ready to time each team. A correct guess equals one point for that team. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins the prize.

Recommended Words

  • Use words that relate to babies, pregnancy and childbirth. This keeps the game on theme and fun for the expectant mother as well as the guests. Use words for baby items, such as bottle, diaper, bib, pacifier, diaper pins, t-shirts, blankets, baby powder, rattle, rubber ducky, piggy bank and sippy cup. Baby furniture also offers good words for Baby Pictionary: walker, bassinet, crib, changing table and high chair. Other words are ABC blocks, dolls, teddy bears and balls.

    To personalize the game, try words that are specific for the expectant mother and father. Words can include their occupations, names they are thinking of for the baby, pet names, the street name of their first date, the foods that the mother craves the most and so forth.

    A variation of this game is to play after the gifts have been opened and spread out over a table. The person can choose one of the gifts---without telling any of the other guests what it is---and draw it for the other guests to guess. Once a gift has been drawn, it must be removed from the table.

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