Advantage Flea Instructions


Advantage for cats effectively eradicates fleas when applied monthly. Manufactured by Bayer Animal Health, the product kills fleas at every life stage, and all fleas on the feline should be dead within 12 hours of the application.

Active Ingredient

Advantage contains imidacloprid, which kills fleas by disrupting their central nervous systems. It also contains pyriproxyfen, which sterilizes fleas.


  • If possible, have an assistant on hand to hold the cat when you apply Advantage. While the application can certainly be done by one person, an assistant make the job easier, especially with uncooperative felines. The person applying Advantage should wear disposable gloves.

Applying Advantage

Tube Opening

  1. Take the applicator tube out of the package, holding it upright so that it isn't near your cat's face -- or your own.
  2. Pull the cap off of the tube. The cap has an opener within it, so turn it around and place the other end on the sealed end of the tube. 

  3. A simple twist of the cap breaks the seal. Once the seal breaks, remove the cap.

Placing Advantage on Kitty

  • Separate the hair on the cat's neck, near the skull base, until you see skin. 
  • Gently squeeze the tube so it releases the contents onto the skin, so that the entire amount is absorbed. 

Tube Disposal

Place the tube in the garbage or recycling bin. Don't reuse it for another purpose, or throw it down any type of drain.


Usually, a once-a-month treatment suffices. If a cat suffers from a serious flea infestation, you may need to reapply Advantage sooner.

  • For kittens, apply the medication no more than once every two weeks. 
  • For adult cats, a once-weekly treatment is acceptable until fleas are gone. Once that occurs, go back to the monthly application schedule. 


  • Kittens under the age of 8 weeks should not receive Advantage.

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