Ideas for Privacy Screening in Yards


The backyard is the ideal place to relax after a long day at work or sip that cup of coffee under the stars. Many Americans face the challenge of creating a private area away from the influences of the outside world. Whether you simply want to block a neighbor's view or wish to shelter your yard from the prying eyes of pedestrians who pass on the sidewalk, there are many ways to create a privacy screen.


  • Solid wooden fences make ideal screens but can be expensive to install and may not be appropriate between neighbors. An easy alternative that provides privacy with a friendly flair is a trellis covered with vining flowers. A wire fence or a simple picket fence make wonderful trellises and add a friendly feel to your yard.

Shrubs and Hedges

  • Strategically place shrubs and hedges to create a privacy screen while maintaining the look and feel of a lush garden brimming with green foliage. Placed several feet apart, shrubs will grow in a few years and form a privacy screen between yards. For best results, choose evergreen shrubs that maintain foliage all year.

Arbors and Latticework

  • An arbor and latticework make a quick privacy screen. When planted with climbing roses, the result is a stunning display of color and fragrance to enhance the look and feel of your backyard while blocking the view from neighboring property.


  • A row of sunflowers planted along the border of your yard makes a delightful screen that brings style to your backyard. These massive beauties reach heights of 15 feet, depending on the species. Try growing a variety of sunflowers with giants in the back and dwarf varieties in the front. Medium-height sunflowers added in the middle create a wall of foliage and color that lasts well into the fall.


  • Plant bamboo for a privacy screen of dense green foliage. This fast-growing plant reaches a height of 8 feet and grows in dense clumps. Space 5 feet apart to create a wall of bamboo. Look for varieties suited for your area. Cold-hardy bamboo survives even in Northern climates. Bamboo provides the added benefit of shade to your backyard.

Rock Walls

  • Erect a rock wall for a natural-looking privacy screen. Adding soil to the wall and planting trailing flowers creates a delightful touch of nature that enhances both your yard and the abutting property.


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