Gateway Computer Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting your computer is a logical process, with steps in place to make sure you are taking the most effective actions to get your computer up and running again. The secret to good troubleshooting is making sure you do the least invasive fixes first, before doing anything that may erase information from your computer. This tutorial teaches you how to troubleshoot your Gateway computer.


  • The first question you need to ask is whether this is the first time this issue has occurred. Is the issue happening straight out of the box, or has the computer been used before? Is this a recurring problem? If it is not, and it is a hardware problem, check to make sure all the cables are connected properly. If not, try reseating them. If you have moved the computer recently, they may have come loose. If it is a software issue, is the operating system loading properly? If not, try reloading your operating system.

Your Activities

  • If the issue you have is fairly recent, you should determine what you were doing when the issue occurred. Downloading videos or audio files could cause you to download a virus, wreaking havoc on your computer's software. If you are having trouble playing media you have downloaded or are trying to stream, check to see if you have the required plug-ins, or software modules installed in your browser, to play the file. If the issue is only occurring in a specific program, you can narrow down the issue to that program.


  • Try restarting your computer to see if the issue persists after a restart. If it does, try restarting your computer again in Safe Mode. On a Gateway, you can do this by holding down the F8 button as the computer restarts. A dialogue box will appear. Select "Start in Safe Mode" to enter a minimal version of the operating system. If the issue continues in Safe Mode, there may be an issue with the startup menu. Try reinstalling the operating system.

Recovery Media

  • If you continue to have issues with your Gateway computer, and you've narrowed the issue to the operating system, you can purchase Gateway recovery media through the Gateway website. You need to provide the serial number associated with your machine to the Gateway website. You will receive options on what kind of recovery media is available, and what cost is associated with purchasing it. Cost is dependent on your particular machine and how old it is.

Online Support

  • If you are experiencing hardware or software issues, you can go onto the Gateway website and receive online live support from one of Gateway's technicians. Online chat support is available 5am to 2am Central Standard Time.


  • If you believe there are issues with your system configuration, you can have Gateway check your system configuration online by clicking on a link on their support tools website. You can use this information to troubleshoot your computer manually, or you can use this information to assist a online chat support technician.

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