Olympic Games to Play


Olympic games create excitement and a competitive spirit in many people. Use this theme to organize games at school, home or in the office. A variety of indoor and outdoor competitions can be created with common objects.

Olympic Games to Play
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Olympic games and competitions can be played in a variety of venues. Schools can use available outdoor play equipment to create new Olympic games. High schools with a track and field available can create their own traditional Olympic Summer Games. Office Olympics can be created using a variety of common office objects. Or, organize an Olympic games at home with relay races and various silly competitions.

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Use office staplers to create a stapler shot put competition, or paper plates for paper plate discuss. Use standard shot-put and discus-throwing techniques. Set up an obstacle course with common objects and run it with an office chair. Throw sharpies at a paper target at a distance. The sharpie must make a mark to be a valid hit. Hold coffee-cup relay races where teams must complete a course in the fastest time, or with the least amount of coffee spilled. Measure the length of a team’s feet with each foot placed heel to toe in a line. Recreate a long throw with cotton balls or straws. Provide prizes and medals for the winners of each competition and an overall winner to encourage participation.

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These outdoor Olympic games require ample space, and some events may be messy. Provide a raw egg to two people standing back to back. Have them put the egg between them and lower it to the ground without breaking it. Have towels available for clean up if necessary. Water or sand can be used in a team event. Each team must stand in a line and pass sand or water from one end of the line to the other using only their hands. The team with the most in the cup when time is up is the winner. Relay races can vary from dressing and undressing in a pile of clothes provided, to crab walking around a yard. Mimic a triathlon by riding tricycles, wading through a kiddie pool and running through an obstacle course. Update sumo wrestling to balloon burst. Provide a balloon for each team. Two participants put the balloon between them and press together until the balloon bursts. Use a water balloon on a very hot day to add a twist.

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Olympic games utilize timed events. Ensure that an accurate timekeeper, such as a stopwatch, is available. Provide team T-shirts or caps to identify members of the same team. Decorate for the Olympic theme with flags from various countries. Have an opening ceremony to light the Olympic grill. Inform guests on the invitation if messy games or water games will be played, so they can dress accordingly. Provide medals to the winners.

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