Spider-Man Bedroom Paint Ideas


Get his Spidey-senses tingling with excitement by painting a Spider-Man theme on the bedroom walls. Give an entire room a Spider-Man theme with a complete redo, with red or blue paint on the walls, or go for a more subtle effect with a large graphic on one focal wall.

Spider-Man Bedroom Painting Ideas

  • Paint a faux brick design on a wall; then add the Spider-Man logo atop it, projecting the logo to trace it in chalk before painting. Draw a large oval on a wall, and fill it in as Spidey's masked face. Paint a series of skyscraper silhouettes on a wall; then add an image of Spider-Man swinging from his web between the buildings. Add a chair rail all the way around the room, painting the bottom half of each wall blue; then add your favorite Spider-Man action shots on each wall, projected with an opaque projector and traced in chalk before filling them in with paint, unless you can paint them freehand. If you're painting the Spider-Man logo or even a giant spiderweb onto one wall of the room, choose an area where it will stand out, such as on the wall above the bed's headboard, or on the wall opposite the doorway.


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