International Air Travel Tips

International air travel can take a lot of planning and preparation. It involves not only looking for a good price and itinerary for airline tickets, but also customs regulations, currency exchange and unfamiliar security and airport procedures. Here are some tips for packing, finding cheaper flights and becoming familiar with your destination airport.

  1. Pack Light

    • Packing light is usually good advice no matter where you travel, but it can be especially important when it comes to international travel. While many major U.S. airlines have more lenient weight restrictions for international flights than for domestic destinations, it's a different story for foreign carriers. Most have strict luggage policies, and you will not be able to exceed 40 lbs. or so per bag, sometimes even less.

    Try Discount Airlines

    • You can save big money if you are willing to use off-the-beaten-path airports and sacrifice legroom during your flight. In Europe, for example, Ryanair and easyJet offer inexpensive fares Liat is an inexpensive Caribbean airline worth checking out. Check the website for the tourism board of the country you are visiting to find airlines that service the area.

    Know Your Airport

    • Be prepared for security, customs and airport rules and regulations--which vary from country to country. Learn what you can and can't bring in and out of a country, so as not to get delayed at customs. offers information on security and customs regulations as well as links and phone numbers for additional information.

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