Troubleshooting a Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera


The Fisher Price Kid-Tough Camera is a digital camera created for kids as young as 3. The design of the camera is sturdy to withstand drops and waterproof to withstand splashes. The controls are easy to understand, and kids can review their pictures as they take them. Unfortunately, as with most electronic devices, the Kid-Tough Camera sometimes malfunctions. Most of the problems are common, however, and can be fixed after troubleshooting.

Camera Does Not Function Properly

  • If you find the camera is not taking pictures, first check that the power is on. Press the "Power" button on the back of the camera near the lower left corner of the LCD screen. Make sure the battery compartment is fully closed and locked or the camera will not power on.

    Next, check if the memory is full. If you see a dark circle on the LCD screen, the memory is full. Transfer pictures from the camera to a computer or delete pictures to free up memory. To download the pictures, connect the camera to a USB port on a computer using the supplied USB cable. To delete an image, press the left or right arrow buttons on the back of the camera until you find the picture you want to delete. With the picture on the LCD screen, press the "X" button.

    Finally, replace the batteries in the Kid-Tough camera with 4 new AAA batteries. This step should also be performed if the flash is not working or takes a long time to recharge.

Photo Quality

  • On occasion the Kid-Tough camera will take low-quality pictures. Pictures that end up too dark or too bright are often the result of the camera distance to the subject of the photograph. If the image is dark, the subject is out of flash range. Move the camera and the subject so they are approximately 4 feet away from each other. If the image is bright, the camera is too close to the subject. Move the camera away from the subject and take the photograph again.

    There are several reasons why the Kid-Tough camera may take blurry pictures. First, the lens may be dirty. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off the lens. Next, the camera may have moved when the picture was taken. Try to reduce camera shake as much as possible when taking a picture. Another reason for blurry pictures is a lack of light. Take pictures in a well lit area or wait for the flash to charge before taking a shot. Finally, the subject of the photograph may be too close to the camera. The focal range of the Kid-Tough camera is 4 feet-infinity. Try moving the camera away from the subject and taking the photograph again.

Erratic Function

  • You may find the camera is functioning erratically, leading to the loss of pictures. This often occurs when the camera is exposed to static electricity. To correct the problem, remove the batteries from the compartment and wait five seconds before placing them back in the camera. This will reset the camera and discharge any static electricity build up. Reinstall the batteries and use the camera as normal.

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